Sunday, 25 May 2008

Cook-Offs - Invitation

You are probably wondering what on earth I would make this invitation for...

Well, Grant and I love inviting people around for dinner, and we love trying new things, so we found 2 other couples who are up for the challenge - a 3 course dinner cook-off!

Basically, we have set rules, and I think some things may have gotten out of hand... It was supposed to be a 3 course meal, but we now have to choose complimenting wines / beverages, serve everything as if we are at a restaurant, and even give 'constructive' criticism!

Anyway, I guess I may have the upper hand on the paper side of things - I will create invitations, and of course, the chosen menu!

We're all pretty competitive, and I am not sure what to expect, so I will keep you in the loop. First one is on June, and we're not hosting this one, but we will have one shortly.


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