Saturday, 19 July 2008

Scrapping Saturday - For my Mum

Not sure if this can really be classified as scrapbooking, but this is my contribution for todays Scrapping Saturday post.

I tried a Meander Book (taken from SCS) and I think it turned out really well! Anyway, I plan to make one for myself in the next week or so (when I get some more photos printed) but this one I am dedicating and giving to my mum, from the 3 of her children.
So without further ado, here is the book in order...

This is the cover

This is just a general couple of photos (Cant even rememver when these photos were taken its been so long!)

These two pages are for my older brother Dale. I will get him to write a few words down so that I can put them onto a tag to put in the pocket on the page on the right. (Mum & Dale 2008), Dale and Sam at my wedding in 2005)

This page is about me, and there are a couple of photos of Grant and myself. I also have a little pocket page so I will put something together there. (Grant & myself in Fiji May 2008), Grant and I at our wedding in 2005)

This is Sam, my younger brother. He shares a pocket page with me, so he can squeeze something in there. (Sam around 1999), Sam's school photo 2008)

And of course, the grandson, Will. I will get Will to draw a picture or soemthing for his pocket. (Both photos taken in April 2008)

And these are another couple of general photos for her. (My wedding 2005), (Sam and Mum 2008)

I hope she likes it. I think it looks pretty good, myself!

Off to start on mine now! Ciao!


Karen said...

Hi Mel!! This is just lovely - your mum will love it!! I also want to say you made an absolutely gorgeous bride!!!


Jesse said...

Hi Mel,

Great Album. Might have to give something like this a go :)

Thanks for sharing.


Nerine .P. said...

Just lovely Mel! Your mum will love it!

Leah said...

It's lovely, your mum will treasure it.

Amanda said...

Mel, this is so gorgeous! I know that your mum will just love it.
BTW got your card today, it is great thank you.
Manda x