Sunday, 13 July 2008

Sunday Swap ~ Poppin' Pastels & Eyelets

Hi everyone!
I was recently involved in a swap with my usual group of girls, however this time, Alisa Tilsner ( joined us. The terms were to use the Poppin' Pastels technique, and to incorporate at least 1 eyelet into the card.

This is a photo of the card I contributed to the swap:

And these are the swaps I received in return!

Top from left: Karen Robinson, Natasha Murray
Middle from left: Sharon Williams, Leah Weir, Alisa Tilsner
Bottom from left: Nerine Purton, Julie Le Boydre

Thank you all for swapping with me!



Tegan said...

What lovely cards!!

Don't you just adore card swaps!! Getting mail is so much fun haha :)

Leah said...

Your welcome.
I love to swap.
Thanks for swapping with me.