Monday, 27 October 2008

Stamping - Camping Style!

Now, this is really taking things too far, I think! After a week and a half of no stamping, I was desperate to make a card, and this was the easiest place to make one! I rolled out my hubby's swag, and opened by bag and box and got busy!This is a close up of the card I madeAnd here is the card in full.
Haha, the things we do for love!


Chook said...

Wow, that is passion girl. Love the card, you've done a great job.

Leah said...

And not a table in sight. Well done.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous card Mel. Stampin like this is something I would do!

Karen said...

Hi Mel - that is one VERY pretty card! Totally love it!


Karen Robinson said...

Awesome card Mel, love your dedication!!