Wednesday, 29 October 2008

A winner!

Hi everyone,

You would not believe how good it feels to be in a bit of a routine again, after so long! We had a nice little day today, searching for jobs for a bit, then had morning tea with my Nana and Pa, then came home for lunch and a nap! We went for a bit of a walk this evening before dinner. We live in a really nice estate, with a lot of expensive houses. I love looking at what other people do to their houses, to get ideas for what we can do with ours!

I wont go on forever and bore you, so here is the winner of my latest colour challenge:

I really loved the simplicity of this card. It looks so pretty!

Here are the rest of the challenge entries, who were also really great!

Natasha Murray (
Debbie (
Chook (

Thanks for joining, and I will have a new challenge posted for you tomorrow morning!

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Unknown said...

Hi Mel, thanks for picking my card.I'm so excited.