Sunday, 2 November 2008

Chris Brown / Rhianna concert - Pt 1

Ok, I know that all I seem to be posting these days are photos, and no creations, but I promise that will all change in a couple of days. I just wanted to get a few photos up of the concert from Friday night. I tell you, if you EVER get the chance, GO AND SEE CHRIS BROWN LIVE! He was awesome. So fantastic. Here are a couple of piccies for you all. At one stage, (you can see in the photos), he was dancing on a platform RIGHT NEXT TO US!Now, this guy can dance. Because it was halloween, he and his dancers performed the whole of Michael Jackson's thriller dance, and it was excellent. I reckon Chris is better than MJ - he does the dance just as well, and looks totally hot doing it! Now, I know I am married (and happily married at that!) but wowza!
Now, the 2nd part of the concert I will get to in a couple of days, and they will be photos of Rhianna's performance. Personally, I didnt like her performance, I think she didnt do enough singing (held the mic to the crowd too much, etc), and the clothes she wore was completely wrong for the songs (eg. she sang one of her slow songs wearing a Cher - Turn Back Time - inspired outfit...) but the crowd seemed to enjoy it.

I will be back with her performance photos plus hopefully the video of Chris Brown doing Thriller!

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Vicki's Blog said...

My sister was there too and she say's she is you yummy! yummy! yummy! Husband what husband:)