Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Butterfly Award

I was recently lucky to receive this awardfrom not just one person, but 2! I want to thank Judy (http://hookedonstamping.blogspot.com) and Tegan (http://teganrebecca.blogspot.com) for nominating me for this awesome award!

Now, I believe that I need to return the favour by sending this on to 10 bloggers who I LOVE visiting! So here goes...
- Karen - http://karenmrobinson.blogspot.com
- Natasha - http://natashamurraystamping.blogspot.com
- Leah - http://stampinwithleah.blogspot.com
- Alana - http://alanagalagher.blogspot.com
- Mandy - http://mandyschiller.blogspot.com
- Kristy - http://kraftykristy.blogspot.com
- Debbie - http://hubbysheadache.blogspot.com
- Jesse - http://myscrappinstampin.blogspot.com
- Robyn - http://rainbowsbyrobyn.blogspot.com
- Nerine - http://stampinaddiction.blogspot.com

Hopefully none of these ladies have already received this award, and if so, then you must be REALLY talented!


Mandy Schiller said...

Thanks for giving me this award! I really do appreciate it. Can I give it straight back because you do a great job on your blog as well!

Robyn said...

Thanks so much Mel!!!