Friday, 16 January 2009

A Challenge winner (and late challenge! Sorry!)

Ok, so I am back on deck now, after my week away for work. You wouldnt believe how happy I am to be back. It was one hell of a week and I am not really looking forward to starting again on Monday!

Anyway, onto much brighter things, I have a winner for my challenge (sorry it's taken so long!) and a new challenge for you! And this one won't be as hard, I promise!
Here is the winning entry: Nerine (
Here are the other entries. Check out their blogs!

Thanks to all for participating! I know it was a tricky one! But I think you all enjoyed it!
Now, for the next one...
I think this one will be much easier for you all, so have fun!
I want you to create a beach themed card or scrapbook page, using any colours, any stamps, anything, as long as it relates to the beach somehow!
I will get my example up as soon as I get a chance! Still have to unpack!
You will only have until Wednesday 21st January (sorry!) 7pm QLD time to get your entries in, so get cracking!


Nerine .P. said...

Thank you Mel, this was a lovely surprise although with all the great entries, I don't know how you decided.

Mandy Schiller said...

Hi Mel,

I am cheating! I made a card for Keesh's challenge last week and when I saw your photo of this weeks challenge it was just perfect. So instead of making the same card twice I will enter it again if thats ok. So you can find it on my blog. Thanks for the challenges!


Bronnie's Stamping Spot said...

Hi Mel, I have looked at your challenges for a while but have never had either the right colours or the right inspiration but this time I am playing


Tegan said...

Thanks Mel. I used the colours of the sea for this challenge. The card just came together after seeing your challenge, and so I thought I would post it for that :)
It's over at my blog.

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