Monday, 4 May 2009


Convention was great - I loved spending a weekend with ladies who were as addicted to stamping as much as I was! We swapped, shared ideas, indulged in fine foods, stayed uo late talking and of course, were inspired by every last bit of the event itself!

How cold was it???? This is a photo of my poor hand, wrapped up warmly in my gloves, which until the last mihnute, I wasn't going to even take with me! Brrrr, it was COLD! Now most people who know me, and where I have lived for the past few years, I do not mix well with the cold, so it seemed like I whinged and whinged and whinged! But I made it through the freezing weekend to return home to rainy weather and my lovely warm house! Now, I want to show you this photo - not the best (my camera was playing up!) but I love it all the same! This is me and my 3 roomies - Karen, Julie and Leah. We spent a great few days together, and I was sad to see them go! I am looking forward to seeing Julie and Leah more often when we move shortly, and hopefully Karen can organise a get together for her downline in the future, so its not so long between visits!
Anyway, I will be back with more photos, but as I am home alone for a few days (yes, you heard correctly, HOME ALONE!) I thought I would take as much opportunity to stamp stamp stamp! This will only last til Wednesday!
Til next time, ROCK ON!


Karen Robinson said...

Where's the pic with Dawson? I thought you would have had that up there for sure!
It was awesome to catch up - can't wait till next time - hopefully that will be soon! K XX

Mel Hanlon said...

Leah and Julie have those pics!

Leah said...

Hi Mel,
Thanks for being such a great roomie. It was such a great weekend. I'll post the pic with Dawson on my blog for you to check out. Have fun stamping.

Karen said...

OMG Melly - you got your pic with Dawnson!! ROFLOL!! I shoud have known you'd hit him up for a pic!

It was absoloutely lovely to catch up with you and Karen on Thursday night!! Aim for Sydney next year eh!


Karen said...

Come onnnnnnnn Melly - We want Dawson! We want Dawson! We want Dawson! roflol

Show us your fabo pic!

Luv K

Chook said...

Looks like you had fun at the convention. I see your leaving the Bay, good luck with the move.